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Entrepreneurs, Welcome!

My name is Marie Stuart Noel

My motto is WEALTH IN HEALTH. In my blog, I share my knowledge on throne chairs, starting and scaling a business, creating courses for your niche, health, fitness and e-commerce selling. 

I am a Haitian business woman. I create courses in both the English language and the Haitian Creole language. So my page is bilingual.


Grow Your Business

Business Consultation

Interested in building your brand or in general business, but not sure how to get started? I will help you. I offer accountability 1-1 services. I also offer hand holding services.

Entrepreneurs Group

Are you starting a business or scaling your business, but you feel misunderstood often. Join my Entrepreneurship Discussion group. Where you can share your knowledge and receive feedback from fellow entrepreneurs. 

Throne Chair Courses

I built a Throne Chair sales and rental business from the ground up. Then sold it in 2022. If you’d like to get into the throne chair business, check out my courses.


Featured Products

Digital Products

So, ready to take your idea to a new level?


Latest Posts

4-hour work week

How Entrepreneurs Prepare For The week Ahead

It’s important to distinguish between the activities that ties you down, and the ones that lighten your work load. Being busy doesn’t mean productivity. Continue Reading

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Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness Contributors Needed

Health and Fitness contributors needed that can write about the following topics. One to two posts per month work great.Continue Reading

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Completed Self-verificationUSBO
Build a Business- En Kreyol Ayisyen

Get Government Contracts With Business Certifications

The goal is to maintain status as a Certified minority business enterprise to have access to resources needed to expand market services to corporate buyers.

Continue Reading

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We need contributors to our money section
Money and Investments

Money and Investments

Money and Investing your revenue Matters! Join Marie Stuart Noel as she dives into a number of financial topics surrounding money and investments. Read my tips and tricks for saving money and the new investment opportunities for 2022 and beyond. Watch her live videos, photos, and reviews on real estate …Continue Reading

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Beauty and Fashion blog contributor

Beauty and Fashion Contributors Needed

Beauty and Fashion Contributors Needed. You guys know I love to look good and pamper myself so I have questions. I know you have the answers.
Continue Reading

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Contribute to Haitian business building
Build a Business- En Kreyol Ayisyen

Build A Business- Haitian Creole Kreyol

Sak Pase! Build a Business- Haitian Creole en Creole blog topics. Need: Businesses, Brands, and Individuals to bring diverse, engaging content SEO tacticContinue Reading

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How to Use The Abcoaster

I give you a full view of using the ab coaster from start to finish. If your New Year Resolution is to get in shape, order the ab coaster and get started.Continue Reading

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Traveling dining flyer
Travel & Dining

Travel and Dining Contributors needed

I am looking for collaborators and guest bloggers for the 71 upcoming travel blog topics. I partner with Businesses, Brands, and Individuals to bring diverse, engaging content with friendly SEO tactics. More dining topics will be added.

2022 Upcoming Travel Topics:

1. Kayak flights – I need insights on your experience.Continue Reading

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Marie Stuart Noel's MasterClass in Creole

Master Key to launching a successful e-commerce business

Master Key Masterclass to launching a successful e-commerce business-This Master class is offered in Haitian Creole online. 

This was the very first masterclass I created. It went on to become my best seller. 

Just remember, there are a lot of possibilities in creating from the heart.

Be true to yourself and the universe will reward you.

Holiday headshot Marie Stuart Noel
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