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Entrepreneurs, Welcome!

My name is Marie Stuart Noel

My motto is WEALTH IN HEALTH. In my blog, I share my knowledge on throne chairs, starting and scaling a business, creating courses for your niche, health, fitness and e-commerce selling. 

I am a Haitian business woman. I create courses in both the English language and the Haitian Creole language. So my page is bilingual.


Grow Your Business

Business Consultation

Interested in building your brand or in general business, but not sure how to get started? I will help you. I offer accountability 1-1 services. I also offer hand holding services.

Entrepreneurs Group

Are you starting a business or scaling your business, but you feel misunderstood often. Join my Entrepreneurship Discussion group. Where you can share your knowledge and receive feedback from fellow entrepreneurs. 

Throne Chair Courses

I built a Throne Chair sales and rental business from the ground up. Then sold it in 2022. If you’d like to get into the throne chair business, check out my courses.


Featured Products

Digital Products

So, ready to take your idea to a new level?


Latest Posts


Finding Business Courses in Your Area

Finding Business Courses in Your Area When you decide to become an Entrepreneur, do not neglect your learning. You do not need to have an MBA to be an Entrepreneur but you need to have business knowledge. Business courses are extremely popular and are offered at many colleges and universities …Continue Reading

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How to

Writing a Newsworthy Press Release

Writing a Newsworthy Press Release A press release is a communication sent to the media to inform the public about a new product, service or event. It’s used as a marketing tool to introduce and promote new ideas or products to the public. Who writes a press release? Generally, press …Continue Reading

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Tips for Entrepreneurs

Tips for Making Your First Sale

Tips for making your first sale as an Entrepreneur Starting a business is exciting, but it can be scary too. Becoming an entrepreneur requires a strong sense of determination and patience. It’s also essential to find a niche market and provide high quality products or services to that niche. In …Continue Reading

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Tips for Entrepreneurs

How to Choose a Web Hosting Service

How to choose a web hosting service Choosing a web hosting service is an essential step in setting up a website. A web hosting service such as, Siteground, provides space on a server for users to upload and download content. In this article I’m sharing with you how to choose …Continue Reading

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Money and Investments

How to Evaluate Your Finances When Starting a Business

When you’re starting a business, it’s important to evaluate your finances. This includes finding out where you can save money and what you can spend. The goal is to make sure your expenses will be covered in the sale price of your products or services. In addition to that, you …Continue Reading

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Tips for Entrepreneurs

5 Traits to leave behind in 2022, if you want to grow

The new year is upon us and we’re looking to slay and grow. Out with old mentality, in with new challenges and rewards. What are the traits you’re looking to let go of? I’ve put together a list of 5 for you. Toxic people Some people are around for a …Continue Reading

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swot analysis template
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The Complete Swot Analysis for Your Business Idea

The Complete Swot Analysis for Your Business Idea is a template that is very simple I’ve put together for you. If you’ve been thinking of a business idea and are not sure whether it will be successful, check out my template.  Introduction: What is a SWOT Analysis and Why is …Continue Reading

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5 Tips From A 6 Figure Business Owner
Tips for Entrepreneurs

5 Tips From A 6 Figure Business Owner

5 Tips From A 6 Figure Business Owner #1 Check Your Mindset To become a 6-figure earner, you have to feel comfortable stepping into that new role. This means you have to let go of poor mentality.   #2 Examine Your Offers Have a suite of offers; low end and …Continue Reading

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Marie Stuart Noel's MasterClass in Creole

Master Key to launching a successful e-commerce business

Master Key Masterclass to launching a successful e-commerce business-This Master class is offered in Haitian Creole online. 

This was the very first masterclass I created. It went on to become my best seller. 

Just remember, there are a lot of possibilities in creating from the heart.

Be true to yourself and the universe will reward you.

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