5 Traits to leave behind in 2022, if you want to grow

The new year is upon us and we’re looking to slay and grow. Out with old mentality, in with new challenges and rewards. What are the traits you’re looking to let go of? I’ve put together a list of 5 for you.

  1. Toxic people
    1. Some people are around for a good time. When life gets real, they disappear. They are the first to critique everything you do, without providing solutions that can help you improve.
      They make assumptions about you and put down your efforts.
      They claim they want you to do well but get upset when you do better than them.
      Leave them in 2022.
  2. Fear of failure
    1. This one is on you. Everybody fails. Also understand, you are not your failures. If you never fail, will you ever truly enjoy your wins? If you always win, you’re miserable. Why? Because you always have that pressure to keep winning, at all cost. Fail often, fail early. Failure builds character. Often times, it’s your failures that propel you to higher heights.
  3.   Excuses
    1. I can’t do this because I’m too young, too old, I don’t have money, my life growing up was too hard. Stop it! Everyone is fighting a battle and they are often silent about it. Letting go of excuses will give you a new outlook on life. Look for opportunity in the mist of chaos. Focus on what you have control over. Let rest whatever you can’t control.
  4. Limited beliefs
    1. Check your mindset. Do you hang out with the same people, do the same things over and over, live in a town you wish to escape but never do? Open your mind to new people and adventures in 2023.
      Seek out opportunities that will nourish your mind, soul and body. Leave behind everything that is limiting your beliefs. Forget having a tunnel vision. Apply an aerial view to your life and goals.
  5. People pleasing
    1. Many people don’t care about themselves and you think they care about you.
      People pleasing will lead to disappointment because you will get taken advantage of.
      Once you outlive your usefulness, they will find someone else to use.
      Work on pleasing yourself because when it’s all said and done, you are all you’ve got.

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