5 Tips From A 6 Figure Business Owner

5 Tips From A 6 Figure Business Owner

5 Tips From A 6 Figure Business Owner

#1 Check Your Mindset

To become a 6-figure earner, you have to feel comfortable stepping into that new role. This means you have to let go of poor mentality.


#2 Examine Your Offers

Have a suite of offers; low end and high end. No matter what you do, sell a high end product/service. Ultimately do you want to sell 10 products at S500 each or do you want to sell 500 products at S10 each? Figure out what works best for you and implement it.

#3 Increase Marketing and Learn Sales

MARKETING- If you’re not visible, how can clients find you? Don’t be afraid to run paid ads. Hire skilled professionals to do marketing and advertisement for you. SALES: You must learn to sell over the phone, online and in person.

#4 Systems

To scale up, you must have systems in place. Don’t know how to get started? Create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) around the processes you follow to complete tasks. Identify the systems that are applicable to your tasks and implement them. Imagine you receive press and customers try buying from you, but you don’t have payment processes in place. No bueno.


#5 Team Members

You need to build and keep a strong team. So choose your employees carefully. Be a leader that fosters a healthy work environment.



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