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5 Pillars For Using Linkedin With a Purpose

5 Pillars For Using Linkedin With a Purpose

5 Pillars For Using Linkedin With a Purpose

5 Pillars


#1 You’re Public Speaker

Posting content on Linkedin is similar to public speaking:
• Be confident in your voice.
• Do not worry about pleasing everyone, lust please some of the people, some of the time.

#2 Don’t Delay

Even if you’ve never posted before, your first post is your best post:
• Make it count and engage your followers, by posting content that represent your brand.
• Tip: Take a selfie with someone, well-known in your network, and post it to boost your profile.


#3 Do more of what works

Review the analytics on each post. The content with the most impressions and engaement are your top performers. • Do more of what people want to see. • Monitor your progress. • Experiment with different content type to draw in your audience.


#4 Optimize Your Profile

Your photo has to be current:
• Be true and honest. Make sure your face fits in the circle. • Put your barand color in the background of your profile.
• For your headline: Make your lob title memorable like ,The 15-Minute Guy, which is catchy and intriguing. This draws people in.


#5 Money Follows Qualit

Overtime your content should improve and find its audience. Establish a pattern and post content consistently.


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