5 Ways to Stop Selling and Start Helping

5 Ways to Stop Selling and Start Helping

5 Ways to Stop Selling


#1 Pain Point

if you can clearly identify a problem and solve it, You will be successful at helping customers’ needs. People solution, not product.

#2 Create Value

A customer must see value in the services that you’re providing. Customers will get turn off if they sense all you want is to make a sale but not adding value to their lives. Remember, money follows value.

#3 Build Trust

Starting and nurturing relationships with your customer will take you far. Start by sharing content that’s helpful or educate the customer. The customer won’t see it so much as being pitched a sale, rather they see it as interaction with you.

#4 Serve Others

Selling is serving yourself so begin to serve others and see your sales increase. Replace “Sell” with Serve” never like a servant, but as a server, don’t a servant.


#5 Create Scenarios

Demonstrate how and why your product provides the solution without directly selling to the customer. This is another way to build trust and strengthen relationships.


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