5 Most Profitable Niche Areas (With Examples)

5 Most Profitable Niche
5 Most Profitable Niche
5 Most Profitable Niche

I’ve built my skillsets starting niche companies. My latest, Boston Throne Chairs, LLC is as niched as it gets, renting throne chairs to events. If you are looking to start a business and don’t know where to start, this article, 5 Most Profitable Niche Areas (With Examples), will help you with identifying profitable niche fields.


Here are some examples of for these niches:

  • Nutrition for busy new moms
  • Hair loss restoration for post- menopausal women
  • Yoga for moms with newborns
  • Weight loss for disabled seniors citizens
  • Online training for busy students who have part time job



  • Personal finance for newlyweds
  • Investing for young professionals
  • Stocks classes for women
  • Cryptocurrency learning for financial advisors



  • Self-development for self-employed business executives
  • Getting rid of the fear for people with specific phobias
  • Skillset development for stay at home mom looking to get back into the workforce



  • Dating advice for business executives who are single parents
  • Advice on dealing with breakups
  • Divorce Consultant to women over 50 going through divorce
  • Dating profile consultant for retired men tech executives



  • Fashion for a big and tall men who play golf
  • Lifestyle design for homeowners with swimming pools
  • Beauty tips for women transitioning

The more defined your niche is, the better you’ll be able to reach your target market. When I first started Boston Throne Chairs, I truly had no clue what my target market was. Everything was new and I didn’t now how to access resources. I collected data on every customer and determined my market: Event planners. That fall under #5 above, Hobbies and Interests. I was able to create a solid marketing plan to grow my business.

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