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5 Self-Care Routines That Can Improve Your Mood

  • 5 Self-care routines
    5 Self-care routines
  • Be kind to yourself

Today I’m sharing with you “5 Self-Care Routines That Can Improve Your Mood.” I have used these routines to gain mental clarity and improve my mood.

5 Self-care routines

#1 Be kind to yourself

It’s important that you show yourself some compassion.

Practicing patience and kindness, with yourself, will improve your mood.

#2 Take naps, more often

Study shows even a 60-minute nap boosts learning and performance. Set aside some time during the day to shut down and reboot. Just like our electronics need to restart often, humans are the same way. We need to refresh ourselves and a nap helps.

#3 Schedule time away from your phone 

Place your phone on Do Not Disturb or put it somewhere out of sight so you can disconnect from mobile applications, for a few hours at a time.

#4 Stop overthinking

Part of a self-care routine is to keep stress at a minimum.

Once you find yourself overthinking, be good to yourself. Turn your attention to something positive.

If you have mental clarity, overthinking will be less frequent.

#5 Send A note

Part of self-care is nurturing our relationships with others.

Sending a letter or a note to a loved one, will elevate their mood, which in turn, will improve your mood as well. Hand written notes are more personal and special than sending a text or note on social media.

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