My Mental Health Asylum Story

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Marie Stuart smiling
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Today mark 8 months since I was admitted to the hospital for a mental health breakdown. The deterioration of my mind was a result of lack of sleep for an extended period of time. I received mental health treatment at 2 facilities in a three-week span. My name is Marie Stuart Noel and I suffer from a mental health disorder. I would love to share with you My Mental Health Asylum Story.

When I was first admitted to the hospital, in January 2022, I was in a daze. My parents came to my house and asked me how long it had been since I slept. I didn’t remember exactly how many days but I knew it was more than 10 days. Mentality, I was restless, drained, unfocused and confused.

They drove me to the ER. My mother told the nurses at the hospital I expressed suicidal thoughts on my social media pages, so they became concerned when I was not allowing my family access to me. I never expressed suicidal thought anywhere. My family became overly concerned about me, when my actions appeared strange. Later, my mother confessed to me that my family had no idea how to handle me. Telling the hospital I was suicidal was a sure way to get me mental health treatment.

When I first arrived to my room, I wanted to get out right away. No doctor came to see me for the first 7 days. I was placed in a ER room with a security guard on me 24/7. The guard followed me to the bathroom and I had to be cleared to take a shower. I really had no idea how a hospital could hold someone just because someone said they were suicidal. I tried leaving and was stopped by about 8 staff. I was threatened with a needle with tranquilizers if I didn’t get back to the room. My confusion and paranoia grew each day I was in that ER room. Seven days later, I was transferred to another hospital for two weeks.

The new hospital was different. I had a private suite and was placed with others suffering from mental disorders. They introduced me to my mental health team which included a psychiatric doctor, a physician’s assistant, a social worker, a nutritionist and more. I am most grateful to live in Massachusetts and have access to world class healthcare. My stay at the new hospital was a much needed time out from adulting and entrepreneurship.

In this blog, I want to highlight mental health awareness in every few posts. As an entrepreneur, I believe my mental disorder has helped my creativity thrive. I see my disorder as a gift but it does come with challenges. These challenges can be managed with therapy and mindfulness.

If you’re an entrepreneur, who struggles with mental illness, I hope you surround yourself with a team of people. People who wants you to recover and thrive. If you have any questions or mental health topics you’d like for me to address, I’m available. Mental health disorder is a difficult truth but it’s a warranted conversation.


The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is now: 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline


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