5-Step Guide to Starting Your Own Throne Chair Rental Service (eBook)

5 steps to starting throne chair service

January 2019, I published an ebook on Amazon titled “The 10-Step Guide to Starting Your Own Throne Chair Rental Service.” It has been selling well on Amazon. I’ve been able to get many business consulting clients from the publication of the book. 

Starting a business is never easy. It’s even harder when it is a novel type of business. I started renting and selling throne chairs since February 2018.  I have learned so much about the business that I would like to share knowledge I have picked up along the way. If you’re looking to break into the throne chair rental business, I know my tips and tricks will help you grow. I am sharing with you 5 steps to get your throne chair business up and running.

The goal of the 5-Step Guide to Starting Your Own Throne Chair Rental Service is to show you that anyone can do it. Anyone can generate this new stream of income in less than 30 days and master it in less than a year. Whether you’ve been unsuccessful at business, do not have a high school diploma, have been out of the job market for some time, or are a single parent, you can do this. You can change your life with the tools I am giving you.

So if you want to get into throne chair, download the ebook to get started.

Having had a lot of success in the throne chair industry, I can tell you premium furniture rentals are just the beginning of an era. So get in now because there are space for all at the table.

People often ask me why I share trade secrets about the throne chair business. I love helping entrepreneurs grow and this book will help you with your business growth.

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