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My Canva 100 Design Milestone Badge

Marie Stuart Noel Canva 100 Design Milestone Badge

Marie Stuart Noel Canva 100 Design Milestone Badge

Today, I’d like to share with you the types of designs that helped me reach My Canva 100 Design Milestone Badge. The other day, I wrote about My Canva 50 Design Milestone Badge ,which is blue. In that article, you should be able to get a good background on how I earned the 50 milestone badge then the 100th milestone badge.

For now, we’re going to discuss the types of designs I created and downloaded to reach the 100 design milestone badge, which by the way is purple. I have 4 solid brands on Canva. Each brand has its own set of color scheme. I use a variety of pinks and other brand colors, base on the format I’m trying to communicate:

Videos- Inserted into posts or presentations on Canva and can be downloaded with ease.

Custom size- For example, I sell Throne chair courses and Amazon Courses on Thinkific. The dimensions they require, for banners, are different from social media banners. I can easily create custom dimensions.

Facebook posts- I love posting quote next to my photos on Facebook posts. I also design my masterclass cover on Canva.

Facebook page header- Here’s a header I design to represent my masterclass.

Marie Stuart Noel’s masterclass English/Kreyol Canva design

Instagram posts- When I need to combine photos for before and after photos/videos. I do lots of fitness videos and photos. The Canva template feature helps make everything look more professional.

Youtube graphics- I’ve created cover art, before and end titles for Youtube.

In conclusion, you don’t need to hire a professional to grow your brand. Canva offers an affordable tool that all entrepreneurs, especially those on a budget, should take advantage of.

I hope to be able to bring a professional designer on board part time soon. But in the meantime, I’ll keep using Canva, hoping to earn more design milestone badges.


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