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My Canva 50 Design Milestone Badge

Photo: Marie Stuart Noel's Canva 50 Design Milestone Badge

I reached my Canva 50 Design Milestone Badge a few months ago. but forgot all about it until I reached my Canva 100 Design Milestone Badge.

What is Canva 50 Design Milestone Badge? This badge is awarded when, a designer (yourself), has successfully designed and downloaded 50 or more designs. I wasn’t awarded the badge until I already designed more than 50. Not all designs were downloaded which is why I believe they don’t all count until they are downloaded.

Canva itself is an easy tool to use. I highly recommend entrepreneurs to take advantage of this design tool. especially if you don’t have photoshop or don’t have the budget for expensive design softwares.

When you need something done easy and quick, use Canva. Hire  a professional designer when you need high quality content that you either can’t do or will do poorly. Fair warning, even professionals use Canva to create high quality work. I’ve hired someone to do art work for me, she used Canva and shared the finished work with me on there. Her output quality was superb, I couldn’t complain about the tools she used to get the work done.

The best thing with Canva is the turn around time is fast. No wonder I was able to successfully create 50 designs in less than a year. I have created everything on Canva from t-shirt graphics to logo and this badge. I should note the multimedia file type outputs and the custom dimensions. You can create videos, pdf, images, add and remove backgrounds.

The only con I see with this app/tool/software: You just can’t successfully photoshop photos in it. That’s why you need a designer or a photo editing tool.

On the plus side, I can easily use my laptop to create a design, work on it on my tablet and finish it on my smartphone.

I already earned my 100th design badge because I’ve been working on more project. They require more graphics. I’m going to write a separate article on it highlighting all the designs I’ve created on Canva.

I’m glad Canva gives this reward and I encourage you to try them out. Signing up and using the software is 100% free. They do have a premium feature that’s fairly affordable to entrepreneurs.

What are you waiting for?

Marie Stuart Noel's Canva 100 Design Milestone Badge
Marie Stuart Noel’s Canva 100 Design Milestone Badge
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