Beauty and Fashion Contributors Needed

Beauty and Fashion blog contributor

Beauty and Fashion blog contributor

Beauty and Fashion Contributors Needed. You guys know I love to look good and pamper myself so I have questions. I know you have the answers. I’m looking for brands, businesses, influencers, writers and fashionistas to contribute to this section of the blog.

We have a number of other topics to contribute to so check out our other contributor requests.

We will cover a variety of subjects, but here’s a list to start:

  1. Hair salon near me- What are the best hair salons worth flying to for an appointment?
  2. Met gala 2021- Help me Recreate one Met Gala 2021 look ahead of Met Gal 2022
  3. Beauty supply near me- We’re in your town, last minute, where can we go to get the best hair, last minute.
  4. Ulta coupon- Tips on how to get coupon. Please share codes.
  5. Healthy- What is Healthy Skin?
  6. Clothing stores near me- Not chain stores. Boutique Owners weigh in.
  7. Plus size clothing- Where we can get the hottest plus size clothing wear, in your area.
  8. Maybelline sky high mascara- Tell me your experience.
  9. Shein clothing- Let’s discuss- send me your photos videos reviews, etc…
  10. Street style store- Experts weigh in.
  11. Outfits- Outfits of the day- Models, Brands and Business Owners needed.
  12. Vintage clothing- Vintage pieces you can wear all seasons- calling boutique owners.
  13. 80s fashion- Let’s do an 80s dress up day
  14. Womens clothing- Let’s discuss pieces from my store.
  15. Homecoming dresses- They can be perfected into Gala gowns- Experts weigh in
  16. 90s fashion- 90s babies it’s your turn to show out. Designers welcome.
  17. Fast fashion- Let’s discuss this popular trend that keeps your wardrobe refreshed. Cape Robin
  18. Mens clothing- Must have accessories for networking
  19. Fashion Designer- I’d like to hear from you!
  20. Cosmetics- Up and coming domestics line owners to the font of the line.
  21. Fashion nova men- Weigh in on pieces from there men can wear to look stylish.
  22. Physical fitness- Simple ways to stay physically fit as we age
  23. 70s fashion- Let’s have a 70s fashion discussion
  24. Wholesale clothing- Vendor list and why you need to make this a side hustle
  25. Fenty skin- Let’s discuss and other upcoming black skin care line
  26. Mens fashion- Accents for men
  27. Womens waist trainers- Business owners share yours
  28. Makeup box- I need to see your make up box
  29. y2k fashion- Let’s do one discussion on what is still currently trending in y2k fashion.
  30. Fashionista- Are you a fashionista, show me your style.
  31. Designer brands- The must have pieces
  32. Skin care products- Skin care for different skin types
  33. Good american jeans- fit and price point Reviews
  34. Shein online shopping- Tips and tricks for best deals
  35. Shein plus size- show off your plus size finds
  36. buy this look- Fitness- Marie Stuart Noel
  37. Buy this look- Business- Marie Stuart Noel
  38. Buy this look- Casual- Marie Stuart Noel
  39. Buy this look- Costume- Marie Stuart Noel
  40. Buy this look- Party- Marie Stuart Noel
  41. Year end review of each look
  42. Buy this- Street style- Marie
  43. Buy this look- formal
  44. Buy this look- semi formal
  45. Beauty tips- Experts weigh in for the on the go entrepreneurs
  46. Amazon fashion– Amazon prime week expert fashionistas
  47. Best moisturizer for dry skin- Experts weight in
  48. Fashion week- I need the list of fashion week in your city and the activities
  49. Gucci belt women- Such a classy piece, let’s discuss
  50. Pretty nails- Nail techs I need inspirations
  51. 2000s fashion- Let’s reminisce
  52. Dominican hair salon- I love them. women tell me the best one in your area
  53. Natural beauty- A whole week with out make up. Benefits of going makeup free
  54. Online clothing stores- Business owners check in
  55. Best skin care products- Experts needed
  56. 1920s fashion- Great Gatsby- Roaring 20s fans weigh in
  57. Clothing brands- Upcoming designers
  58. Best moisturizer for oily skin- We need the 411
  59. Semi formal dresses- Favorites
  60. Lipstick shades- for any skin tone expert
  61. Summer nails- Show and tell
  62. 60s fashion- it’s a party. show us how to incorporate 60s fashion into modern wear.
  63. Best eye cream for dark circles- Experts and brands
  64. Next in fashion- What’s up next, experts?
  65. Makeup mirror- Picks
  66. Pole dancing- experts
  67. Hair removal- DIY at home techniques
  68. Korean fashion- Experts
  69. Winter clothes- Wardrobe stylist show entrepreneurs best winter business clothing

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