How to Use The Abcoaster


So guys for a while, I did machine tutorials. Wealth in Health means trying new fitness equipments and styles that work for you. Here’s one I did for the abcoaster at Planet fitness.
They also have the ab coaster max and ab coaster machines. Essentially, you want a machine that works your core and you can feel it.
The ab coaster machine does work, if you incorporate it into your fitness training, for 3-5 minutes, after rigorous workouts.

I believe ab work outs should be done last during a workout. I find it that I have the most energy to do ab workouts, with the ab coaster, at the finish line.

In this video, I give you a full view of using the ab coaster from start to finish. If your New Year Resolution is to get in shape, order the ab coaster and get started.

3 keys features of the Abcoaster straight from the manufacturer:

Bottom Up Motion
“This machine works exactly the opposite from a traditional ab crunch machine. Rather than working your ab muscles from the top down, the Ab Coaster® PS500 works from the bottom up, helping you target those hard-to-reach lower abs.”

The Bottom up Motion truly gives an in-depth work out of the pouch, the fupa, the little belly that’s filled with stubborn fat. I enjoy the crunching feeling of the fat melting away from my abs.

Easily Target Obliques
“Freestyle swivel seat allows you turn and work on troublesome love handles, giving you a complete core workout in a single machine.”

Obliques makes the abs pop and the abcoaster’s freestyle motion will get rid of love handles. This is a complete 360 workout of the whole midsection. Tighter obliques give the illusion of a smaller waist.

Progressive Training
“Take your training to the next level by adding Standard Sized 1″ weight plates to either side of the carriage. Progressive Training System makes the Ab Coaster® great for beginners and advanced users.”

A work out with abcoaster is never boring when you can add free weight plates to the carriage. Increase the intensity of your ab workouts. This will be your best ab workout yet.














































































































































































































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