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Leave the rocks behind- Resolution 101

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Happy New Year 2022 to you! I made this video about what I learned about letting go of rocks, that can help you stay focused. I attended the Great Gatsby Gala (business) then, at midnight, went on zoom for blessing from the Monk (spiritual).The Monk told a visual meditation story about carrying rocks. Starts*******-Imagine you’re on a path-Feet planted firmly on the ground-Bag pack on very light-You’re hiking a gorgeous path-Bag pack starts to feel heavier-You arrive at a beautiful body of water-Exhausted, you open the bag pack-Only to find you’ve been carrying rocks along-Gigantic rocks-Turns out everything negative coming to you have been going to your bag pack to weigh you down.-You went through a beautiful gorgeous hike but since the pain of carrying the rocks were so heavy, you missed being present, in the moment.-Now take each rock one by one out of the bag and lay each one in the body of water.-Say “I’m letting you go, you’re no longer welcome here.” As many times as you can chant it.End of story I used to be afraid of the world so I hid at home, for years. Running my entire business, at home, it became an environment I could control. I limited my social interactions and focused on doing me.2021, I made the decision to scale up my ventures. This required me to leave my comfort zone and network, network, network.Going back into the real world, after nearly 4 years, I forgot all about the noises that sent me to my room, for almost 4 years.What are the noises? If you’re Haitian, it’s “Radio Dwol.” It’s the people, media or sources who always have information to hand to you; Gossiping, dissing business goals and dreams, judging you after you’ve shared your business plans with them.The sources of those noises, pebbles, rocks, think they’re giving token of care. They are not gifts! Don’t accept them! Return to sender! Change the conversation!Any sources who cares for you, will change the conversation and refrain from bringing you rocks. Watch out for those who get defensive or dig on you further. Stay away from these people.I used to think “I hate people, I only love dogs.” I told my spiritual Nun and Monk. My Monk told me he had the exact dilemma I’ve had about people. He gave me 2 choices to think about. After last night, I found strength in loving people but I do not have to accept their rocks. I would love to hear about how you keep your bag light. Please share!

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