How to start cleaning a throne chair

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My name is Marie Stuart Noel. I’m the owner and founder of Boston Throne Chairs LLC.

I’m doing a series where I show you; how to care of your throne chair so you can preserve its lifespan. Especially, if you’re an event planner, who rents out a lot of thrones.

The series is including:

  1. Cleaning your throne chair
  2. Protecting your throne chair
  3. Transporting your throne chair

First, when a throne chair comes back from renting, put on gloves. You need to clean the chair though roughly to be ready for the next client.

What I didn’t mention on the video is: I have a depreciation checklist form for every rental. I know all metrics on every single rental and this list has helped me maximize return on the highest rentals.

Before you clean, observe first. Take a full assessment of the returned condition and document it.

  • Start at the head area
  • Check out the frames, for damages
  • Make sure the diamond buttons are intact- but don’t touch them
  • Dig into the arm and seat crevices for dirt and debris
  • Observe the frames- check for chips
  • Turn the chair around and check for marks, chips and discoloration
  • Check the legs of the chair visually and physically- to make sure it’s not wobbly.
  • Then, we’re ready to gather our tools to start cleaning.

Please note: This is a 360-documentation checklist of your product. Keep it in-house, a depreciation form for every single inventory item your business owns.

If you have a new or existing throne chair business, who needs assistance implementing SOPs within your business, I’m your gal.

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