The purpose of this blog

Marie Stuart Noel in haiti

My name is Marie Stuart Noel and welcome to my very first blog post my platform, I wanted to dedicate the first post to my foundation, eWo Foundation (Executive Woman Foundation).

Since 2016, my goal in life is to show that any woman, given resources and proper training, can rise to executive level in her career.

So each section of my blog targets area of life, where with enough nurturing, can sprout a successful executive woman.

  1. Business
  2. Invest
  3. Health
  4. Fitness
  5. Learn
  6. Listen
  7. Read
  8. Beauty
  9. Zen
  10. Give

I was born and raised in Haiti. I migrated, to Boston, MA, USA, with my family in 1998. Twenty years later, I had a thriving career at Harvard. My goal became clearer, give disadvantaged young women the tools to support themselves and their families.

Read more about eWo.

My inspiration is my mother and I’m forever grateful for her. She is is muse and my original eWo.

Marie Stuart Noel with mom

Marie Stuart Noel with mom, her inspiration for eWo.
Marie Stuart Noel with mom, her muse


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