5 Self-Date Night Out Ideas

Self-date ideas

The way you treat yourself is how people will treat 💯 also aesthetics matter. If you’ve never gone on a date by yourself, I’d like to give you 5 self-date ideas to get started. I treat myself to a self-date night out once a month. I enjoy a nice sit down dinner, at a top restaurant. I enjoy my company and it makes me feel good about myself.
What makes me feel even better is dressing up, doing my make up, wearing a sexy outfit just for date night with myself. I work out and take care of my body, for me. It feels good to show it off for me.
Pre-COVID, I did all types of activities alone and even have traveled abroad to Costa Rica and all over Europe solo.
Alone time with yourself is the best time.

I would like to share my 5 Best Self Date Ideas:

  1. Picnic at the park with your favorite entertainment (Music, dancing, reading, doing art) – Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff book series is a great read for me, when I’m relaxing. See my mindful reading list here.
  2. Self-Date dinner and a movie- no need to drink. Just you out, dressed nicely somewhere fancy.
  3. Self-Date self-care- Every Sunday, I have a grooming date with myself. I put away my phone and lose track of time. I give attention to my skin, each are of my face and I wash my hair. I feel fresh and relaxed to start the new week.
  4. Self-Date by doing some people watching- I love going to nice, busy office area to work on my laptop. I often take breaks to sip on tea or grab a snack. During the moments, I feel at peace watching humanity move.
  5. Self-Date idea includes traveling– Yes, go on a day trip alone. Explore your city, learn its history, do a mini food tour.

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