How to be a Fitness Barbie?

Fitness barbie photo

Would you like to be a Fitness Barbie? I know it’s a silly question but yes, look like a Barbie doll at the gym.

A Fitness Barbie is a woman who takes great pride in her physical fitness and aesthetics. She always look great but never seems to shed a sweat. In this photo, I’m a 216lbs Fitness Barbie. Weight is a bonus. You’re at the gym working out and looking spectacular.

Gone are the days where we wear ripped leggings to work out. Now, stylist fitness gears are all the rage.

Personally, I wear my nicest gym clothing everyday:

  1. To motivate me to actually leave my house to go to the gym
  2. To make feel pretty- I love pink and Gymshark has a nice collection of pink hues in gym wear.
  3. I need a nice selfie before and after workouts- before and after progress pictures
  4. Challenges me to lift weights in the men section- When I look good, confidences oozes out of my pores.
  5. Be ready at any moment to create content.

If you want to be successful in business and in personal life, your appearance, unfortunately, matters. So dress for the part you want, Fitness Barbie- Make sure you project that persona, wherever you go, to attract good things to you.

At times, I’ll go 100% make up free at the gym but I always make sure I have a few essentials to be ready to create content. Like in the featured photo, I have no extensions, wigs, or heavy makeup on but put together a cute Barbie assemble.

Fitness Barbie 3 Must have essentials:

  1. Look great with minimum make up. Here are my beauty picks.
  2. My fitness recovery picks will help you release tension so you can get back to the gym, in no time.
  3. When you’re not at the gym, relax at home, in style with my loungewear.


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